How to Format Huawei Phones – Factory Data Reset

In this article, we will explain the process of formatting Huawei phones. You can restore your phone to factory settings by resetting your phone from the settings section of your phone. This process will permanently delete all data, photos, videos, apps and games on your phone.

From the Settings of your Huawei phone Can Reset All Your Settings or your phone You Can Factory Data Reset. The Reset All Settings option will clear all your network settings, fingerprints, face data, lock screen password and app settings, but no data and documents on your phone will be deleted. Factory Data Reset will completely erase all data, documents and content on your phone.

Huawei – Factory Data Reset (Format / Reset Process)

  • Settings > System > Reset follow your path and Factory Data Reset Select the option.
  • Reset Phone Select the option and tap the Reset Phone button again on the screen that opens.

reset huawei factory data

Resetting your device will delete all system data and installed apps. Your personal files such as music and photos will be permanently deleted. And remember that this process is irreversible. Back up your phone before the reset to avoid data loss.

Huawei – Reset All Settings

  • Settings > System > Reset follow your path and Reset all settings Select the option.
  • On the screen that opens, select Reset All Settings.

huawei reset all settings

Reset All Settings does not delete any data or documents. It just resets the settings you use on your phone.

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