How to Format Samsung Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A72

Samsung’s popular mid-range smartphones Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72‘eat how to format We will explain in detail in this article. You can perform the formatting process both from the phone’s settings section. factory reset as well as using physical keys hard reset We will explain the process.

If your phone is constantly freezing, you are encountering error screens, if you forgot pin code or screen lock pattern You can format your device. After the formatting methods we will explain, all data (photos, documents, applications, games) on your phone will be deleted. For this, take a backup of your phone before proceeding with the phone formatting process. Also, make sure that your device is at least 50% charged so that the phone does not turn off during the formatting process.

Factory Reset Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A72

  • Settings Open the app.
  • general management Select the option.
  • Reset Select the option.
  • Factory Reset Select the option.
  • Reset Select the option to start the formatting process.

formatting samsung galaxy a32 a52 a72

  • When you factory reset the phone, all data like photos, videos, google account, system and app data, settings, downloaded apps, music, all user data, decryption key for files on sd card will be deleted.

Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A72 Formatting (Hard Reset)

If you forgot the key lock (pin code, pattern or fingerprint) of your phone or your phone screen is frozen, if it does not turn on and you cannot access the Settings section, you can format it using the physical keys of the phone. You can format Galaxy A32, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 by doing what we explained below step by step.

NOTE: Plug in your charger before starting the formatting process. Because you will need to plug the charging cable into the phone to switch to the format screen.

  • Have your phone on.
  • By pressing the power button on the side, the screen open put it in position.
  • Power Key and Volume Down Key press and hold at the same time. to the screen Shutdown/Restart/Immediate Mode when the text is published Plug the charger into the phone.
  • As soon as the phone’s screen turns off and the black screen continues to press the power button, quickly move your hand. pull out the volume down key and hold the volume up key.
  • When Samsung text appears on the screen take your hand off the power button and keep holding the volume up button.
  • After the Android Recovery screen opens, you can take your finger off the volume up key.
  • On the screen that opens, you can scroll up and down the menu with the volume keys, and make a selection with the power key. from the menu Wipe data/factory reset Select the option.

samsung galaxy a52 format wipe data factory reset

  • On the screen that opens yes confirm the action.
  • The format process will take place and the first menu screen will open again. This time Reboot System now Select the option and complete the formatting process.
  • Your phone will boot up formatted and reset.

You can format Samsung Galaxy A32, A52 and A72 as we explained above. You can ask your questions in the comment section.

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