How to Get a Chip Driving License?

Chip driving license is obtained by processing the driver information into the chip and placing it on the card. The biggest feature of this license is that it provides great convenience for the pursuit of criminals. Apart from that, these licenses are very difficult to imitate and thus the fake license frenzy can be prevented. There is all kinds of information on the chip, from driver identification information to vehicles that can be used, and this information can be read under UV light. The licenses are produced in accordance with EU standards, and after this period, it is not possible for the license to be valid for life. It must be renewed periodically. So, how can 23 million drivers in Turkey obtain chip licenses?

Documents Required for Chip Driving License

Identity card and old driver’s license are required to apply for a chip driver’s license. Apart from these, the driver’s health report and the document stating the blood group should also be submitted. In addition, 2 passport photos must be attached to the application documents. It is necessary to pay 15 TL to certain banks or tax offices for a chip driver’s license. The receipt showing that this payment has been made is among the documents required for the application.

Chip Driving License Application

After obtaining the necessary documents to get a chip driver’s license, an appointment for a chip driver’s license should be made. For this, it is necessary to enter the driver appointment site and request an appointment. On the page that appears, the option to renew the old driver’s license should be clicked. After this option, the driver should choose the most suitable appointment option with the provincial or district police directorates. After selecting the date and time, the credentials are entered. This completes the appointment process. For drivers who want to change the appointment date, a new appointment date can be easily obtained from the site.

How to get a chip driver's license

When to Get a Chip Driving License?

After the necessary documents are submitted to the provincial or district police directorate of your choice on the specified date, the process of preparing the chip driver’s license starts if there is no missing document. When the license is prepared, it is delivered to the address by PTT Cargo. Delivery can only be made to the person applying for a license. Apart from this, old driver’s licenses must be replaced with new chip driver’s licenses in the next 5 years. Otherwise, old driver’s licenses will be invalid after 5 years.

Chip Driving License for First Time Driver’s License

Those who will apply for a driver’s license for the first time should add the driver’s license files and motor vehicle certificates in addition to the documents mentioned above. In addition, the receipt showing that the driver’s license fee has been paid should also be among the application documents. Driver candidates who enter the site to get a chip driver’s license appointment should click on the option to apply for a driver’s license for the first time. After choosing the most suitable place, time and dates, the appointment process is completed by entering the identity information. The process of setting a new appointment date and handing over the license is the same as for drivers wishing to renew their license. 15 days after the procedures are done, the driver’s licenses are delivered to the address of the driver and driver candidates.

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