How to Hide Apps on Huawei Phones?

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How to Hide Apps on Huawei Phones? With the developing technology, hundreds of different sectors have emerged. Telephone technology, which has influenced the whole world, has become indispensable for millions of people from seven to seventy.

Along with smart phone technology, different phone brands and productions started. However, Android phones are open to many innovations in terms of usage and possibilities. Phone lovers want to try every new model of every brand and they are constantly changing their phones.

Of course, this phone change also reveals the differences in many screens that we dominate. However, according to the researches, huawei phones, which have become the most preferred by the users, attract the attention and appreciation of their users.

However, as with every phone, we may experience difficulties with Huawei phones from time to time. One of these problems is how to hide applications on huawei phones and the problem of not being able to hide applications.

In this article, we will examine how we can take action against application hiding problems experienced on huawei phones.

Huawei Method 1 to hide apps on phones

1) First, let’s enter the settings menu of our phone.

11858 technical support

2) Let’s enter the security and privacy section on the screen that opens, let’s go to the Private Space section.

3) Let’s follow the instructions that come before us. Right after that, let’s install which application we want to hide in this section.

The first method is quite simple. But let’s take a look at the steps below.

Method 2 to hide apps on Huawei phones

1) As in the first step, let’s first enter the settings menu of our phone.

2) Let’s log in to the users and accounts area from the menu that appears.

3) Let’s enter the users menu from this window that opens.

4) Click the Add account button in the window that appears. Let’s complete the incoming instructions with the right steps. Then, let’s install the application that we want to hide in the guest area.

After all these steps, we can set the applications we want to hide on our Huawei phone and continue to use it.

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