How to Hide Stories from a Particular Website on Edge Newsfeed

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to hide links from a particular website on Microsoft Newsfeed? Microsoft Edge newsfeed serves us with links from many websites. We may not like every link that we see or don’t want to see links from a particular website.

There is a way we can hide links from a particular website that we do not want to see. Microsoft Edge comes with that feature which can help you sort out the links of websites that we don’t want to see. Let’s see how we can use that feature or option.

Hide Links From a Particular Website on Edge Newsfeed

To hide links of a particular website from Microsoft Edge newsfeed,

  1. Go to the newsfeed section
  2. Find the website link you don’t want to see
  3. Click on the three-dot context button
  4. Then, select Hide stories from (particular website).

Let’s see the process in great detail.

Open Microsoft Edge and go to the newsfeed section where you can find all the latest news or stories. In the newsfeed, find a story or news link from the website that you don’t want to see. Then, click on the three-dot context button at the bottom-right of the story. From the options, select Hide stories from (particular website name).

Hide stories from a particular website

Then, it will open a confirmation dialog box where you have to confirm hiding stories from that particular website. To confirm, click on the Hide button.

Confirm Hide Stories from a Website

Once, you have clicked on the Hide button, the news feed will be refreshed automatically and the links from the website you have selected to hide will disappear. Until you restore Microsoft Edge’s settings to default or log out of your user profile on Edge, the settings will stay the same. You don’t see links from that website.

If you want the stories from that website back, you can always revoke the settings by using Personalize button at the top of the newsfeed.

Go to Hidden Publishers on the personalization page and click on Show Stories beside the particular website or publisher.

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We hope this guide helps you in removing stories of a particular website from your Edge newsfeed.

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