How to Install and Use WhatsApp on Computer

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In this article, we WhatsApp We will provide detailed information about its installation and use.

WhatsApp from a mobile app QR with code WhatsApp by linking your account; from your computer browser WhatsApp WebYou can use

Moreover, WhatsApp from your computer by installing the desktop application WhatsAppYou can use .

Each WhatsApp as long as you use a different browser window for the account; more than one on your computer. WhatsApp You can use the account.

Many smartphone users WhatsAppare familiar with using the mobile application on their phones. And most of these users are not aware that it is possible to use WhatsApp on computer with a web browser or a desktop application. The most important difference between WhatsApp using your mobile application; on the computer, WhatsAppYou need to log in to .

How Can You Access WhatsApp Web or Desktop App?

windows or Match on your computer WhatsApp There are two ways to access your account:

  • Using the Web Application: in a web browser Go to and WhatsApp Sign in to your account.
  • Using the Desktop App: WhatsApp app download pagefrom WhatsApp desktop app Match or windows install it on your computer and WhatsApp login to your account.

Installing and Using WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop Application

  • Then on your phone WhatsApp Open the app.
  • After opening the WhatsApp application Settings Tap the menu. Settings menu, iPhoneis located at the bottom right of the screen; Androidin the upper right ⋮ (three dots) Tap the icon and then in the drop-down list Settings Tap the menu.
  • WhatsApp located to the right of your account name. QR Tap the code icon.

11858 technical support
  • To scan the QR code screen on your computer; iPhoneat the bottom of the page Scan tap the menu; Androidin the upper part Scan Code (Scan Code) Tap the tab.

  • your phone’s camera on your computer WhatsApp on the screen QR zoom in on the code.
  • WhatsAppIf you are using for the first time on the computer, Device Login Detected window opens. In the window that opens Continue (Continue) menu and then Link a Device Tap the menu.

What is the Difference Between WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Mobile Application?

your computer and WhatsApp after connecting your mobile app, in the web app or WhatsApp in the desktop application; WhatsApp Chats (WhatsApp Chats) You will see your page. on the computer or WhatsApp Everything you do in the mobile app will be kept in sync and mirrored on the other device. New messages will appear in bold and you will receive a notification on your computer. To reply to messages from your computer, you can click on any conversation and type a reply.

WhatsAppalso offers the following features on the computer:

  • Display name and About To change your profile details such as message, you can click on your own account icon and change this information.
  • Click any person icon to control your interactions with any user; start an audio or video call, turn off notifications; you can block or report the user and delete the chat (completely).
  • WhatsApp from the top of the window, including a new group chat; you can start a new chat and see starred messages.

WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp There are some important advantages to using the desktop application. For example, it is often easier to type using a physical mouse and keyboard. Also, to copy and paste information into chat messages WhatsApp You can keep the application side by side with other application windows on the screen. Moreover, WhatsApp Webby opening it in different browsers, WhatsApp You can easily log into your account.

On the other hand, in computer WhatsAppRemember that you need your phone every time you log in to ; WhatsApp without mobile app WhatsApp WebThere is no way to use .

In this article, we WhatsApp We gave detailed information about its installation and use.

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11858 technical support

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