How to Install Promods?

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Promods; It is a game mode created by a group of mod makers. This group created this game mode 5 years ago with the aim of taking the entire Euro Truck Simulator 2 map one step further by taking the Scandinavian region as the starting point. So how do we install Promods? We wanted to explain this installation step by step for you below.

  1. Step 2: You must click on the “Compatibility ETS2” option on the Promods home page. Then you can download the latest version by clicking the “Installer” option next to the current version.
  2. Step 2: In our second step, you need to choose your installation language. Then you have to click on the “OK” option under the language option.

NOTE: Considering that you have chosen the Turkish language option, we continue our steps.

  1. Step 2: In order to obtain the def file, you need to click on the text “Click here to create your def file” that will appear. This will open a new tab. We also recommend that you do not close your previously open tab. ?
  2. Stage 2: Here are some options that you need to adjust for yourself. For example; Sound level for cabin, vehicle damage level, vegetation density, GPS Color settings. At this point, if you prefer Promods maps such as Rusmap, Southern Region, The Great Steppe, you should select the box to use other map combinations. Otherwise, you may face the map shift problem. Then, if you have Special Transport DLC, you should select the “Click here if you are using Special Transport DLC” box. Finally, you can get the def.scs file by clicking create. We recommend that you download this file and save it in a folder you will remember. ? You can also close the page after you get the def file.
  3. Step 2: Now you can open the page where you downloaded Promods. You should click on the text “Go to step 2” there. This file is very important. The reason is, unfortunately, your mod will not work unless you download this file.
  4. Step 2: You have to download all 8 files that will come up. Then you need to put the def file in the same folder as the folder you placed it in. By pressing any of the part files, your download will be activated. At this point, the things you need to pay attention to;
  • If you try to download other files before the downloads are finished, the system will kick you out.
  • If you use VPN during all these processes, the system will kick you out.
  • If you have adblockers and similar ad blockers, you should make them offline.

11858 technical support
  1. Step 2: You should select the promods-v250-test.rar file in your files and click the open with button. Then you have to click on 7-Zip File Manager option. When the Z-Zip program becomes active, you should start the whole process by pressing the “Extract” option. After these steps are finished, you should click the TestFiles.exe program and run it as an administrator.
  2. Step 2: You should extract one of the promods-v250.7z or promods-v250.001 files using the 7-ZIP program. When the Z-Zip program becomes active, you should start the whole process by pressing the “Extract” option.
  3. Step 2: You must select the 7 files that will appear and move them to the mod folder.
  4. Stage 2: You can start the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. After selecting your profile, you should click on the “Mod Management” option. You can activate the file with the right arrow by selecting one of the ProMods files. After that, everything will be up to you. ?
11858 technical support

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