How to make a bed in Minecraft?

One of the most important blocks, Beds, if a person decides to explore beyond the spawn point, offers players a way to choose a designated area as a resting place to be their home. Making one of these essential items isn’t too difficult, but it will take some luck to find some components.

Minecraft players can also customize their beds to fit the interior design they choose for their bedrooms, with the ability to paint their beds different colors and even occasionally peel the existing color with Bleach for a fresh new look.

What Do You Need to Make a Bed?

Players will need 3 Wood Planks and 3 blocks of Wool to create a Bed, which will require the use of a Crafting Table as the recipe is 3 slots wide.

In a Crafting Table, place all kinds of Wooden Planks, even different types, along the bottom row to fill all 3 slots. Next, place a block of Wool on each Wooden Plank, but the recipe will only work if all 3 Wool pieces are the same color.

Where to Buy Wool?

Wooden Planks can be easily collected from Wood blocks that have fallen from felled trees, while Wool will be a little more difficult to encounter. Most people will already know that sheep are a reliable source of Wool, as these passive mobs are guaranteed to drop at least 1 Wool block (or more if sheared) when killed, but this means the player can take 3 sheep to find enough Wool for a bed. Sheep are not that rare, but players may be unlucky to spawn or not be able to find these fluffy creatures due to being in an unsuitable biome.

Players can also find Wool blocks as structural parts of some naturally occurring buildings such as Woodland Mansions, Villages, and Pillager Outposts. Various colored Wool blocks can be seen as decorations or part of buildings and can be taken away without upsetting the homeowners. Wool blocks can also be found as loot in Chests, so be sure to check all such containers you find.

Also, players can make their own Wool blocks if they have enough String. At a Crafting Desk or someone’s inventory preparation section, place 4 pieces of Yarn in a square to make a Wool block.

How to Use the Bed?

Players can only interact with the Bed at night or during thunderstorms, but when used it will extend the game’s time into the next morning.

While it is possible to place a Bed in dimensions other than the Overworld, players should never try to sleep in the Nether or the End as doing so will cause a massive explosion to occur that can cause greater destruction than a TNT block. But for some reason Villagers can sleep in other dimensions without any problems if they pass through a gate.

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