How to Make Secret Video Capture on Android?

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Along with the developing technology in the world, various innovations in many fields have entered our lives. One of these innovations was smart phone technology.

Thanks to the different features of the phones, users can easily use them in every area, and even make their lives easier.

We see phones from various brands offered to the market. In this article, let’s take a look at how we can shoot secret videos on our Android phones;

The android operating system, which takes its place in the foreground with the freedoms it offers to the users, also offers the users the opportunity to run the camera in the background.

Let’s not forget that the most important thing we need to know about this is the process of video shooting in the background, which we call secret video shooting. In this way, it is possible to shoot video even if our camera is turned off and our screen is turned off.

Thanks to this feature, we will have the opportunity to shoot hidden videos. So what should we do for this process? Let’s follow the steps below to answer our question.

11858 technical support

1) First of all, let’s download the Secret Video Recorder application to our phone.

2) After downloading our application, let’s complete the necessary installation steps.

3) In the next step, it will be enough to click the Record button.

We can quickly and safely install the above application on our phone. But in addition, this application does not allow video recording in the background due to some restrictions on the iOS side, and we can only use this application in applications that work with the Android operating system.

After installing our application, we can edit the application settings and start shooting our videos.

NOTE: Let us provide an important reminder that it is a crime to secretly record a person’s images within the scope of the privacy of personal data and publish them in a way that violates confidentiality. For this reason, it is necessary to use the application for the right purpose and to get the permission of the person shooting.

After all these reminders and application processes, you can install this application on your Android devices and start using it.

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