How to Measure the Size of Objects on iPhone

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In this article, iPhone‘in Measurement (Measure) How to measure the size of Objects with its app We will provide detailed information on the subject.

How to Measure the Size of Objects on iPhone

In life, some things like a tape measure or a meter sometimes seem unnecessary. Until you find yourself looking for a sofa to match your living room or need to hang a picture. However, in such cases a iPhone or iPadif you have Measurement (Measure) app with you!

Request, Measurement (Measure) What you need to know to use the app correctly and features you may find useful!

Measuring the Size of Objects with an iPhone or iPad

Measurement (Measure) application, iPhone SEof 1st generation or above iPhone SE models, iPhone 6s or above iPhone models and 5th generation or above iPadbesides, iPad Pro with models 7th generation iPod touch works on devices.

Measuring a Dimension of an Object

  • Measurement (Measure) If the app is not installed on your phone, App StoreDownload from. Application, apple developed by, therefore Measurement (Measure) app App StoreWhen you search in , it will be in the first place.
  • After downloading and installing it on your phone, open the application.
  • On your phone’s screen you will see a rectangular box where you can move your phone to take a measurement and an instruction.

  • Augmented Reality (AR – Augmented Rreality) Move your phone until the technology is active. Augmented Reality (AR – Augmented Rreality) When technology is active, you will see a circle with a dot in the middle.

  • Move the phone until the dot appears above the point you want to measure.
  • at the bottom of the screen + (plus) iconTap what.
  • Move your phone slowly until the dot appears above the end point of your measurement. You will see a dotted line to help you keep and make your measurement in the right direction.
  • When you reach the end point of the dimension you are going to measure, again + (plus) iconTap what. The measurement result showing how far is the distance between the two points you have determined will appear on the screen.

  • If you cannot align the start and end points of the dimension you are going to measure, you can try again. Put your finger on the end point where you want to start the measurement and move your finger to reposition the point.
  • To save a screenshot of your measurement, tap the circle icon at the bottom-right of the screen. This action saves a screenshot of your measurement to your phone.

Measuring Multiple Dimensions of an Object

a sofa or 3-dimensional you are measuring another object, you may need to specify more than one dimension. Measurement (Measure) app allows you to continue the measurement after the first measurement.

  • Above, on the measurement screen where you are measuring a single dimension, position the point anywhere in the dimension you are measuring.

  • + (plus) iconTap what.
  • Move the phone so that the dot draws a line to the end point of the second measurement. When you arrive at that location + (plus) iconTap what.

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  • The measurement for both dimensions you measured will now appear on your screen. You can measure as many times as you want. ⮌ (back arrow) iconYou can also clear your most recent measurement by touching . To remove all measurements Clear (Clear) Tap the button.
  • At the bottom-right of the screen, + (plus) in the shape of a circle next to the icon white dotYou can take more photos after adding more dimensions by tapping .

Measuring Rectangle Dimensions and Calculating Area

  • Measurement (Measure) With the app open, place your phone in front of the object you are going to measure and touch it at the bottom of the screen. + (plus) icon move it until it appears.
  • A dotted line will appear around the object you are measuring.

  • + (plus) iconWhen you touch it, all the measurements (dimensions) of the rectangle will automatically appear on the screen.

  • You can also save a photo (screenshot) of this measurement.

Note: It may take a few tries before the app measures the object’s dimensions correctly. The angle of your phone can affect reading the object’s dimensions and give inaccurate measurements. Therefore, measure at least twice.

Measuring the Slope of Objects

Measurement (Measure) app’s tilt measurement tool helps you make measurements such as hanging pictures or photo frames flat and checking that surfaces are level.

To fix a frame hanging on the wall:

  • Measurement (Measure) at the bottom right of the application. Level – Slope (Level) Tap the menu.
  • iPhonePlace the edge of your photo on the top edge of a picture or photo frame or other object.
  • The number in the middle of the screen tells you the object ° (degrees) Displays the slope in .
  • Adjust the object with your phone on top until the number in the middle of the screen is zero. The screen will turn half green.

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table etc. To correct the curvature of a surface, such as:

  • Measurement (Measure) in the lower-right part of the application Level – Slope (Level) Tap the menu.
  • iPhoneLay your coin flat on the surface of the table.
  • The number in the middle of the screen tells you ° (degrees) Displays the slope in . around the measure two white circleswill converge or diverge to help you find the slope in each direction.
  • When the table is completely flat (no slant), the screen turns green and is in the middle of the circle. visible.

Taking Measurements on New iPhones and iPads with the LiDAR Scanner

LiDAR to access the features iPad Pro 12 – 9 inches (4th generation), iPad Pro – 11 inch (2nd generation), iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max You will need new generation devices such as

Measuring a Person’s Height

  • Measurement (Measure) Open the app.
  • iPhone Frame the person you want to measure on the screen of your phone, making sure you can see them from the ground to the top of their head. Measurement (Measure) app will automatically measure the person’s height and a white line will appear above their head.
  • If desired, tap the white circle icon in the lower-right corner to take a photo of the person with their height measurement.

Note: To get the best and most accurate measurement results, take a step back and then make sure you have good lighting without reflective surfaces. Also, the measured person should not wear a face mask, sunglasses or hat.

In this article, iPhone‘in Measurement (Measure) How to measure the size of Objects with its app We gave detailed information about the subject and the process steps.

You can send us your questions and comments on the subject in the comments section below.

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