How to Optimize Your Router for PC Gaming

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Today high band (adsl, vdsl, fiber) fast internet connections are possible. However, now computer and mobile devices developed online for online gamesbe ping brings with it problems.

Ping is the time it takes for a request sent to a server to reach that server. ping physical hardwarebesides software optimization can also be lowered by settings. Now, let’s share with you the solutions to the question of how we can fix these problems.

1) Use an Ethernet cable.

As it is known, you can more or less guess that your ping will be affected by the connection speed and type. If your router to ethernet If you have a chance to connect, this will prevent you from increasing your ping. 1,000Mbpswith speeds up to gigabit Ethernet ports of connected devices low ping and data loss provides. approved cat5e and cat6 By using such cables, you will agree how correct this choice is.

If there is a long distance between your gaming computer and the router and you cannot draw a cable, the developed power line You can also use the units.

2) Consider Physical Conditions When Positioning Your Router

11858 technical support

If you do not prefer to connect your computer with an Ethernet cable and your connection with the router is far away, you can choose the connection type. wireless connectionIf you choose , you are reading the right lines. Routers with devices RF (radio frequencies) communicates via from your router high efficiency You will definitely use your router when positioning if you want to achieve your space physical conditionyou need to take into account. Choosing a good location by considering the conditions such as the structure of your place, the devices around the router and the height of the router will allow you to experience low ping and speed.

3) Configure Your Router Wireless Channel Settings Correctly.

Channel devices connected frequency let’s say the way. Make sure that there is no other device that does not have many connections on the channel you will choose and broadcasts on the channel you have chosen. To configure the settings, first log into your router’s interface. Logging into the routers interface will vary depending on the manufacturer’s brand. This information can be found on the bottom or back of the device by a string or a subdomain (web address) as information. In general, the login is made with the following IP addresses; and .

Your device interfacewhat you entered Wi-Fi or wlan After entering the configuration page, the channel or channel type Select the channel from a drop-down list, taking into account the conditions we have just mentioned, and save it.

If you have a very advanced router at least 2 tape can broadcast on. for example 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz. If the modem is nearby and your computer supports the 5.0Ghz band as hardware, and if you are going to broadcast live with the game, choosing the 5.0Ghz band would minimize possible ping problems. Since 2.4Ghz is now called a dirty frequency, this type of broadcast is generally preferred for wireless connections with old hardware or remote devices. But again, channel selection minimizes your ping problem.

4 Turn Off Your Unused Apps and Devices

Routers can also be considered as small computers. On these devices processor and ram equipment must be taken into account. Since a software that manages the system on devices with this equipment will respond separately to the devices connected to your router, turning off the devices that do not need internet in terms of urgency in terms of reducing their busyness or terminating the applications that consume unnecessary data on your computer will increase the performance of your router and will naturally decrease your ping levels.

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