How to Prevent Mold in Potted Soil?

Potted plants are one of the most beautiful ornaments in homes. A flower or an ornamental plant that you will put in the most frequented corner of your home will both give a natural look and look very aesthetic. Plants in the rooms heal and calm people and also have benefits for human health. But it should not be forgotten that they are also living creatures and they have as much care as you need. Of course, this maintenance requires more attention than regularly changing the water. If you put it in an airless and sunless place, your plant’s soil will become moldy, not even a business.

The main reason for mold is that the place where the plant is located is stuffy and does not receive light. Mold does not occur easily in an environment that receives light. At the same time, remember that plants get plenty of wind in their natural habitat and they need a breeze. In particular, some plants like extremely windy environments and need constant contact with air. Just as you are harmed and give a signal when you are living in unfamiliar conditions, the plant where the mold grows gives a signal in the same way, trying to tell you that it cannot get wind and light in its environment and that it is in a difficult situation. From this point of view, you can see mold growth as a signal given by the plant.

How to Identify Mold in the Soil?

If the mold in the soil of the plant is cotton-like and white or gray, you can tell that the airflow and light are too poor. If it’s yellow and dotted, that means the plant needs some air and sunlight.
In fact, the conditions that cause mold damage to the plant. An airless environment prevents the plant from performing photosynthesis, so the plant cannot grow healthily. This in itself means harm to the plant.

The easiest and simplest way to prevent mold growth is to light the environment where the plant is located and to place the plant in a place where it can get air, such as a window. In other words, it is to remove the plant from the environment in which it is uncomfortable to be in. There are also those who recommend spraying, but even with spraying, there may be fungi that reproduce and instead of spraying, you can save your plant by making a natural intervention.

How to Prevent Mold in Potted Soil?

In some cases, mold appears only at night. This is because at night the environment is without light and stuffy or very little airy. This environment provides the molds with room to spread. With lamps that emit ultraviolet light, you can avoid this problem.
To illuminate the plant, you can buy a night lamp or lamps that give ultraviolet light. It is possible to find this lamp in many places, you can see that it gives a pale blue light.

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