How to Remove Ads on Xiaomi Devices

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How to Remove Xiaomi Ad on devices?

Xiaomi provides a standard procedure to disable ads. But there are several steps for users to get rid of Xiaomi’s advertising “advice”.

Note that the steps below do not require using the Mi Unlock tool or rooting the device. This is one way of doing things, but it’s relatively tedious and comes with a lot of problems.

Remove ads by revoking authorization for MSA app

Revoking authorization for MSA (MIUI system ads) is the building block of our journey to disable ads on MIUI devices.

Since this is a system app, you won’t find it on the home screen.

Go to Settings > Password & Security > Authorization & Revocation.

Scroll down and turn off the switch next to “msa”. Xiaomi won’t let you on the first try, so keep revoking authorization until it finally lets you do it.

Xiaomi disables MSA, Browser, security etc. default apps will not have permission to display MIUI system ads.

Note: For whatever reason, disabling MSA in Xiaomi system settings is not enough to remove ads from several Mi apps.

Therefore, you have to turn them off manually. Here’s how you can manually remove ads from Mi apps.

Remove ads and targeted ads on Xiaomi Devices

This next step will not remove Xiaomi ads, but at least the ads will not be based on your personal information.

11858 technical support

Go to Settings > Password & Security > Privacy > Advertising Services.

Turn off personalized ad suggestions.

Remove ads from “GetApps” on Redmi/Xiaomi Devices

Go to Settings > Password & Security > Authorization & Revocation.

Now that you are in the “Authorization and Revocation” section, make sure to disable the GetApps toggle button.

It will stop all ads and annoying notifications from MIUI app store. But if you like GetApps, remember that you can continue to use the app.

Mi devices perform a security check on apps before allowing users to run Google Play Store apps.

While browsing, tap the cog in the top right corner and turn off suggestions.

Remove ads in Mi Security App

Open the app > Tap the cog in the top right corner > Disable ad suggestions.

Before exiting the application, turn off the same toggle in the Cleaner and Boost settings.

Remove ads in File Manager on Xiaomi Devices

Go to file manager settings.

Then tap on about and turn off MIUI ad suggestions.

Remove ads in Mi Browser

Go to browser settings. Then disable privacy and security Personalized services.

Remove ads on Mi Downloads

If the Downloads app is getting on your nerves, just go to settings.

Disable “Show Suggested Content” to turn off ads in Mi Downloads app.

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