How to restore your data to your Android phone?

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You have your new phone out of the box and you are ready to set it up. There are several ways to restore data from your old device and here are We’ll cover how you can restore data and settings to your new Android phone.

You will need your old phone for this so make sure you haven’t reset the data yet. At this point you should switch the SIM card to the new phone. Lets start.

  • Choose your device language and on the welcome page Press start.
  • Then your Home Wi-Fi network Select and login.
  • To start migrating data from your old phone Applications and copy data Press Next on the screen.

  • Bring your data from… page, Android a backup from the phone ‘ Choose i.
  • The next page provides instructions on how to restore data. To start data migration Press Next.
  • Here press Next once again . Below I will give detailed instructions for setting things up on your old phone.

Verify your phone

page of your phone. of the model number You will see it highlighted. Stay on this page and get your old phone. You will now need to authorize data transfer from your old phone so that texts, calls and related data can be seamlessly migrated to the new device. What you need to do on the old phone:

  • From the app drawer or home screen Settings open .
  • Google Go to tab.
  • Install and restore Select .

  • Set up nearby device choose .
  • While starting on the page Forward Press .
  • Your phone will now search for nearby devices. Later on can verify patterns and numbers on both devices and You can press Next to continue.
11858 technical support

  • To confirm the screen lock on your old phone Forward Press .
  • at Copy to your new device Copy choose . Page to copy data to your new phone.
  • At this point Copying your account You will see the progress bar. When you see this, switch back to your new phone.

You will be able to see a login window for all the Google accounts registered on your old device. Since you have set up direct data transfer, you do not need to enter two-factor authentication when logging in using this method. So don’t worry if you don’t see the two-factor dialog; this is normal behavior. If both phones lose connection at any point during the restore, start over.


  • Google sign in to your account .
  • Verifying data transfer to unlock your old phone’s screen confirm .
  • Now Choose what to restore you will reach the page. If you want everything from your old phone to be transferred to the new one, leave all the settings as they are and Reload Select .

  • If you don’t want to install all apps, Applications select the setting.
  • All the apps you want to install on your phone from the list choose .
  • To start uploading data to your new phone to Restore Press . You should see a confirmation message of the same.

After selecting the restore options, you will be able to choose whether to back up data and use location automatically on the Google services page. After selecting services, you can set a PIN to use face unlock and fingerprint authentication.

After configuring biometric authentication, the rest of the options vary by manufacturer and you can easily follow the on-screen instructions. The best part of cloud restore is that even your home screen is protected. This includes the background and app layout so you can start using your new phone without any additional setup.

That is all. Once the installation is complete and you go to the home screen, you will see Play Store running in the background and restoring data from your old phone. This can take up to an hour depending on the amount of content installed on your old phone and your internet connection so you can let this work while you configure other settings on your new phone.

11858 technical support

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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