How to Set Up iMessage on Mac and Sync to iPhone or iPad Using iCloud

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iPhone‘s, iPadand MacBook‘s has made it easier than ever to text with family members, friends and colleagues.

appleThanks to its very simple-to-use software, any apple You can start the call from your device and continue the call from another device if you want.

Your business meeting is getting long and you need to text your partner to let them know you’re going to be late for dinner? apple‘of iMessage With the desktop app, you can send messages directly from your laptop.

apple‘of iMessage all the software apple Follow the steps below to set it up on your devices and synchronize your devices via this software!

How to Setup iMessage on Mac?

  • application menu barfrom (dock also called) Messages Open the app. Messages app dockin (application menu bar) if not, Finderin Applications You can find it in the folder.

  • iMessage to send a message with iPhoneyou use in your Apple ID (Apple ID) Sign in with. You may need to do some authentication to complete the process.

  • In the menu bar at the top of the screen Messages Click on the menu and in the drop-down list Preferences… (Preferences…) Click the menu.

  • In the window that opens Accounts Click the tab.

  • Enter the email addresses and phone numbers with which you are or will be in regular contact.
  • Next, MatchWhen you start a conversation (call) from your , you can choose which phone number or email address you want people to see.
  • After this last step Matchfrom your, another iCloud on your account iMessage You can send a message via

How to Activate iCloud Message Sharing?

To avoid confusion and data loss due to chat history not being the same on every device iMessagesof your Match and iOS It would be correct to synchronize between your devices. Also enabling devices to download all your old messages directly to a new device during setup.

The synchronization process is Matchboth in your iMessage used to send iOS On devices, it requires a small setup consisting of a few steps.

11858 technical support

How To Set Up iCloud Message Sharing On Mac?

  • Matchin your dockfrom (application menu bar) or Applications from the folder Messages Open the app.
  • in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Messages and then Preferences… (Preferences…) Click the menu.
  • In the window that opens Enable Messages on iCloud Tick ​​the checkbox next to the option.

  • After completing the sync settings with this last step iMessageto immediately sync your Sync Now you can click the button.

How to Set Up iCloud Message Sharing on iPhone or iPad

Now, Matchto sync with your iPhone or iPadin your iCloud You need to enable sharing.

  • iPhonein your or iPadin your Settings Open the app.
  • Settings at the top of the app, iCloud Click on the name linked to your account.

  • On the incoming screen iCloud Tap .

  • On this screen iPhone or iPadfrom your iCloud You will see a list of everything you can sync (instantly backup) with your account. Messages go to the menu and switch buttonMake sure it is in the on position.

11858 technical support
  • in the upper-left corner of the screen. Apple ID (Apple ID) by tapping Settings screen, and then in the upper-left corner Settings Tap .
  • After completing the sync settings iMessageyour iCloud to sync immediately with Sync Now Tap the menu.

After this last operation Matchfrom your iMessage you can send and your conversation, iPhone or iPadYou will be able to continue without any problems.

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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