How to Share a Business Page on Facebook with a Computer or Mobile Device

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Whether it’s a web browser or a mobile app, Facebookone in business pageIt’s easy to share.

business pagesby your friends (and page followers) Facebook It is designed to be viewed and shared on the timeline of their accounts, in groups and events, or via private message. To share a company or organization’s page using any of these options, click the arrow icon below the page’s header photo. Share Click the button.

Sharing in the mobile application is almost the same. To open the menu of the page where you can create a share draft ⋯ (three dots) Tap the icon. You can share the post on your timeline or elsewhere using the option at the top of the screen.

Request, Facebook business pageboth in a browser on the computer and Facebook What you need to do to share in the mobile application!

How to Share Facebook Business Page on Computer?

  • you want to share business pageOpen .
  • located under the page cover photo and ➦ (arrow) icon found Share Click the button.

  • A window will open. Say something about this… (Say something about this…) You can add a message to the section if you want. Also in the lower left corner ? You can tag your friends, add your location or add an emoji by clicking the icon.

11858 technical support
  • You can also choose who you want to share the page with by clicking the blue button at the top. Sharing is done on your own timeline by default; but instead you can choose to share on a friend’s timeline, in a group, or at an event, or just choose to share in a private message.
  • If you choose to share on your timeline by sticking to the default, Cancel and Send (Post) Besides the buttons, you can also change who can see the post on your timeline. For example, you can set the sharing so that all your friends can see it, except for a few people.

  • After completing the sharing settings Send (Post) Click the button.

How to Share Facebook Business Page on Facebook Mobile App?

  • you want to share business pageFind and open it.
  • ⋯ (three points) iconTap what.

  • A window will open. In the window that opens Post – Message – Write (Write Post) Tap the menu.
  • A draft page will open. To change where you share the page, at the top Tap To Change (TAP TO CHANGE) You can touch the menu (Options in the drop-down list, your timeline, a group, an event or private message includes).

  • After completing your sharing settings, in the upper-right corner Send (Post) Tap the menu.

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