How To Speed ​​Up Video On Android Devices?

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In this article, Android how to speed up video on devices We will provide detailed information about

Android The operating system does not include a feature or application to speed up or slow down a video you record, but you can easily meet this need with third-party applications.

Google Play StoreThere are numerous applications where you can change the playback speed of a video you have recorded. Most of these are free, but many require in-app purchases to unlock additional features and even save the video after editing.

How To Speed ​​Up Video On Android Devices?

In this article, we will explain in detail how you can speed up or slow down the video with a free app that requires no purchase to save the video after you finish speeding up or slowing down.

11858 technical support

How to Speed ​​Up Video on Android with FilmoraGo Appir?

  • Google Play Store from the app store FilmoraGo app Android download it to your phone.
  • After installing FilmoraGo Open the app and at the bottom of the screen NEW PROJECT (NEW PROJECT) Tap the menu.
  • Select a video from your phone’s photo or video gallery, and then Import Tap the menu. Next, the video FilmoraGo Wait while it is imported into the editor of the application.
  • After the editor (editor) is opened, the video appears in the preview window and the timeline at the bottom. in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Trim Tap the menu.
  • In the toolbar Speed Tap the menu. You have to swipe left to see this menu.
  • In the window that opens, drag the slider button to adjust the playback speed of the video. 0.2x with (slow) 2x You can set any speed from (fast). To see how this change affects the video, click below in the preview section. (Play – Play –) Tap the button.
  • When the change you make is exactly as you want it, in the upper-right corner of the screen. Export Tap the button.
  • Export Settings (Export Settings) again on the page Export Tap the button.

If you like the result, it is paid for removing watermarks from the video, exporting the video in higher resolution and adding additional features. FilmoraGo You can upgrade to version.

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