How to Turn off Ads in Xiaomi Security App?

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In this article we How to Turn off Ads in Security Application on Xiaomi Devices? i will tell about it.

Xiaomi phones have become the favorite of users with their affordable prices and high performance. However, there is a subject in Xiaomi devices that has started to be complained by all users. Application and web page advertisements that come in the form of suggestions under each heading, in almost every menu of the phone. So, is it possible to get rid of these ads? The way to turn off these ads is quite simple, but a separate setting is required for each menu. That’s why, in this article, one of the places where the ads come out. How to turn off ads in security application? i will tell about it.

First, let’s log in to the “Security” application on the home screen of your phone. Click on the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner of the security page that opens in front of you. The Settings page will open in front of you.

How to turn off the ads in the security application?

11858 technical support

How to turn off Suggestions within the security app?

It will be enough to disable the switch on the right side of the “Get recommendations” text under the “Suggestions” heading at the bottom of the Settings page that opens.

When you log in to the Security application on your phone after following the steps above, no advertisements under the Suggestions heading will be displayed. If you have problems despite performing these actions, or if you want to learn how to turn off the ads in other applications and menus, you can share them with us in the comments section.

11858 technical support

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