How to unlock Nine Pillars in Genshin Impact?

It’s been a little over a month since MiHoYO’s fantasy open-world RPG Genshin Impact was released on PC, PS4 and mobile platforms. The game has already proven to be a huge success among gamers and critics alike, despite the controversy surrounding the “gacha game” mechanics. All in all, Genshin Impact is a game of war, random loot and exploration.

The last of these pillars of gameplay is perhaps the most important, and players can expect to spend a lot of time in the sprawling world. There are numerous missions, some of which are obvious, others well hidden. Perhaps one of Genshin Impact’s most challenging missions requires players to unlock the Nine Pillars of Peace. While it can be time consuming to complete, the rewards for doing this are well worth the effort.

Nine Columns

To begin the Nine Pillars of Peace quest, players will first need to locate the pillars in the center of Genshin Impact’s Cuijue Slope area. Nine columns form a rough circle with an inscribed stone in the middle. Activating this stone will initiate the quest to enter the nearby temple.

To get in, players must activate the nine pillars of the Cuijue Slope. However, this cannot be done until you have collected nine Remembrance Stones, which can require quite a bit of leg work. The only way to obtain Stones of Remembrance is to upgrade the Seven Statue on Liyue made using Geolocus items. Geolocus is scattered all over the region and often requires players to climb or solve puzzles to unlock it. Once players have upgraded enough Statues to receive nine Stones of Remembrance, they must return to unlock the Nine Pillars.

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Entrance to the Temple

The next step to enter the temple and complete the quest is to activate each column. This is done by climbing the orange glowing panel above each and interacting with it. Doing so will consume a Memorial Stone and activate the column for the quest. It also causes an excellent chest to spawn below, along with the possibility of enemies to protect it. These chests are rare, so players must loot each one before moving on to the next column.

When the Nine Pillars of Peace are completed, the temple’s doors will open. Inside, players will find challenging encounters waiting for them, so they need to bring some of the best Genshin Impact characters with them. Anyone who successfully fights in Ruins Guards, Geovishap Cubs, and Ruins Hunter will be rewarded. The chests at the end of the shrine contain a Royal Flora Legendary Artifact as well as a precious ring that can be sold at Xigu Antiques or Wanyou Boutique. Additionally, the quest will be completed and the player will be given a good piece of Adventure Rank XP.

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