How to Upload Video to Youtube from Mobile Devices?

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Along with innovations and developing technologies in many fields from the past to the present, many applications that we use today have come to the fore.

We see that the world has developed in many areas, whether it is tools or applications that have entered our lives very quickly from the past to the present.

We can say that the Youtube application, which has recently shown a lot of interest and appreciation, has reached a very large audience.

In fact, people who use the Youtube application quite often started to create new professions by earning income from this application. This profession is called Youtuber today.

Youtube users earn a lot of income with shared videos and similar transactions and we can say that they are starting to show more interest.

Although Youtube is generally used on computers, it has recently started to attract a lot of attention in mobile devices.

Its users were faced with the questions of how to upload videos to Youtube on mobile devices.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how we can upload videos to our Youtube application on mobile devices.

The most practical way to upload Youtube videos on mobile phones would be to install the Youtube application on our phone.

11858 technical support

Since many new generation phones are offered for sale with the Youtube application installed, many people can upload videos to Youtube without the need to reload the Youtube application.

In order to upload YouTube videos, we first need to have a Google account. If you have a Google account, let’s login on Youtube.

Let’s log in to the Youtube application on phones using Android operating system and log in to the home page.

Let’s click on the icon with three lines at the top left and click on the section that says Downloads.

On the screen that opens, we will see the loading icon at the top as in the picture below.

When we click on this icon, we will select the video saved on our mobile device and start the upload process.

Afterwards, we can add information such as title and description to our video and have our video published on Youtube.

Those who use the iOS operating system device can upload their videos to Youtube with an easier method. Let’s log in to the Photos application on the device, select our video from this area and click on the file sharing icon, select Youtube from the screen that opens. After entering the Google membership information and fields such as the video title, tag, description, the video will be able to upload to Youtube.

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