How to Use FaceTime on Android and Windows (with iOS 15)?

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All of us from time immemorial iMessage from Apple and FaceTime their services iOS and macOS We want it to be made available on other platforms. iOSIn the American and European markets, where . Android and on Windows iMessage/FaceTime This request seems reasonable.

FaceTime with iOS 15 users can create a link that can be used and shared across different platforms. You can use these links in scheduled meetings or Android, Windows You can invite your friends using Please windows or Android for a special FaceTime Note that there is no app and you have to open these links in your web browser.

IOS 15 or iPadOS 15 Make sure you’re running the developer beta. New for third-party operating systems FaceTime This is a prerequisite in this case, as its support is part of new releases.

iOS 15 of your iPhone After making sure it’s running beta FaceTime Open the app. at the top, Create Link You will see a new option called . Click on it

When you do this, iOS share dialog opens and gives you the option to share the link with your friends via different chat apps. You can also copy or post the link.

Add Name There is also an option called . You can tap on it to name the call. Here, search for Windows test FaceTime I named it

11858 technical support

When you’re done, connect the link with your contact. Android or share with Windows.

On the other device, you will see a prompt to enter your name and continue. Here, the feature in Chrome on Windows 10 I’m testing. on Edge I also tried but encountered some problems.

After joining, you will be asked to join the call. Turning off sound, disabling video, fullscreen etc. You can also see different options for

You also get a notification on your iPhone to allow your contact to join the call. Once you confirm this, you are ready to go!

Note: Since this is a beta feature, you may notice some bugs while searching, or run into a problem joining the call.

So, on other platforms facetime that’s how it was used. Personally, I see this as a very important update, as communication and information transmission now have a route free of OS barriers and much more.

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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