How to Use FaceTime on Android

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Learn how to join FaceTime calls on an Android phone.

Need to Know

Android users can only join FaceTime calls that are currently in progress. Android users cannot initiate a FaceTime call.

To invite an Android; “Start FaceTime on iPhone/iPad > Create Link > Name the FaceTime call > Send link via message or email.”

When the Android user receives the link, they can open it and join the call. Still, the iPhone user should allow them to call.

One of the biggest benefits of iOS 15 is the ability to invite non-Apple device users to a FaceTime call. The system works on both Windows and Android devices, which means FaceTime has become platform-independent up to a point.

Being able to join calls from Android devices can help, especially if you have family members who don’t have an iPhone. However, there are some limitations in place. This article will discuss the available limits as well as the steps you need to follow to join a FaceTime call on Android.

How to FaceTime on Android

If you want to use FaceTime on Android, you’ll first need an iPad or iPhone with iOS 15 installed. From there, you can follow the steps below to create the FaceTime call and invite Android users.

1-Start Facetime on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15.

2-Tap on Create Link.

11858 technical support

3- Give the FaceTime call a name by tapping Add Name at the top of the Action menu. This will make it easier to follow, especially if you choose to plan later.

4-Choose a sharing method and send the link to Android users.

5-After sending the link, Android user can open the link, set a name for themselves and then join the call.

After joining the call, Android users can mute their microphones, mute their videos, change the camera view, and leave the call as needed.

Can You Use FaceTime on Android Phone?

You can technically join FaceTime calls created using iOS 15’s Connect system, but you can’t actually make FaceTime calls yourself on an Android phone. Unlike the iOS version of the video calling app, FaceTime on Android works via a web browser rather than a dedicated app. As such, it has no real ability other than to join calls where you’re explicitly invited to use a link.

It’s unclear whether Apple will update how FaceTime works on Android phones or whether it has plans to create a standalone app that users can download to make calls. For now, users will have to rely on an iPhone or iPad user to set up the call and get things started.

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