How to Use Prisma’s New Feature Video?

Instagram has risen quite a bit with the new filters it has added to its photos and the Stories feature, which has recently been likened to the Snapchat application. However, everyone knows that competition in social media is very fast and brutal. A new one has been added to this competitive environment, let’s take a look at Prisma, a brand new application.
Prisma has taken this work one step further, after filters that can reveal the art-loving side that is hidden inside all of us, even Photoshop edits that we always wanted to do but could not find the opportunity due to time constraints, with a single click. Being an iOS application in the first place, Prisma transforms the photos taken into works of art.

How to Use Prisma?

If you are a social media user, using Prisma will not be too complicated for you. The application, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store, is not content with adding simple filters to the photos you take. Each photo is analyzed by neural networks and artificial intelligence technology in Prisma’s own system. Logical connections are established. For example, the eyes, flowers and landscapes in the photograph are distinguished, and then the process of painting begins accordingly. Thus, your photos turn into a hand-drawn painting, thanks to these filters, you can reveal your inner Picasso, Rolan Green, Paul Cezanne or gothic painter.

The general feature of the Prisma application, whose logic is like Instagram, but whose filter is special to itself, is that you can filter the photo you have taken in a very appropriate way in terms of graphics. Art-oriented social media users are sure to have adapted to Prisma very quickly.

How to Use Prisma's New Feature Video

Despite all these innovations, Prisma did not stop and added a video to its features. For now, this feature is in beta period and is unfortunately only available to iOS users.

Users who shoot videos with Prisma can shoot 15-second videos and give the Prisma effect. No internet connection is required for the editing process, which is done completely offline. It is unknown when the app will be released for Android. However, it is said that a GIF will be added to the application in the coming weeks.

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