HTC M8 Imei Change Code

With you in this article Replica HTC M8We will share the imei change code of .

It is necessary to change the imei number of replica phones. This is what phone callers call imei throwing. You can do this imei change process, which is paid by phone users, yourself. All you have to do is to save a valid imei number you have as the imei number of the new phone.

HTC M8 imei To change the phone number, go to the phone’s call screen and type one of the codes below.




One of the codes above will work and Engineer Mod will open in front of you. On the screen that opens, enter the GPRS section. Delete the IMEI number at the top and write the current imei number you have. Finally, select the Write Imei option and turn your phone off and on. Now you can use your phone without any problem with your new imei number.

If the codes we gave above did not work for you, read our article on how to change imei without changing imei code.

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