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Innovation for Instagram Shopping Feature! Reels Videos

Instagram, one of the popular social media platforms, has taken a new step in its shopping feature. As of today, shopping can also be done through Reels videos. In the statements made by Instagram, users will be able to obtain more detailed information about the products in Reels, save and purchase the products in question. Innovation for Instagram shopping feature.

Innovation for Instagram Shopping Feature

Coming to the agenda with innovations and features Instagramhas been trying to add a new feature to its existing structure for a while. Being aware of how important online shopping is, the developers are trying to make it possible to shop on Instagram with their work. In the latest statements made by the company, the shopping feature via reels was said to be experienced.

According to the official statements, all users around the world will be able to shop on Reels from now on. After the statements made by Instagram, the leading names of the industry started to promote products and guide users with the Real videos they shared. With this step taken, Instagram is on its way to becoming an e-commerce site.

Here’s what Instagram’s new feature looks like

According to the information shared, more information about the products in Reels videos will be available from now on. Those who wish will be able to save those products and even buy them if they want. In this way, every user will have a product they need instantly. This wallet-hating feature can be used by shopper users. will please an incontrovertible fact.

By the way, Instagram is in-platform for 2020. shopping trends also shared. According to the statements made, users showed interest in nostalgic products, beauty products and personal care products. In addition, the company states that users also attach importance to sustainable brands, values ​​and socially responsible He says he’s trying to support vendors who have

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