Inscryption review

Inscryption’s compelling meta-narrative pairs perfectly with its strong deck-building fundamentals, creating a unique horror CCG experience. The game changes as you play, and more is revealed. The entire experience will take a total of 10-15 hours of gameplay. The game costs $50 and is available on Steam, Epic and GOG. It is a single player game.

Inscryption review

Inscryption is Daniel Mullin’s newest and arguably most detailed project and is released under Devolver Digital. As the game progresses, it changes, transforms, becomes fun to solve and experience.

The art style and music are hard to describe as they change throughout the game, but they maintain a dark theme that fits the game’s story. It’s no coincidence that it came out near Halloween. Inscryption’s environment connects us with unforgettably creative, satisfying smiles, and truly valuable experiences like no other.

The first encounter is so sudden and seductive: a windowless cabin, a pair of eyes slowly opening behind a dingy wooden table in the dark, an invisible figure menacingly teaching the rules of the game. The game here is presented from a first-person perspective, looking at a competitive card game at this table using four battle lanes, but the stakes for the game look deadly.

Inscryption gameplay

The game is not limited to the card game itself. Puzzles are also an important part of the game. You usually leave the table where you are playing the card game and explore an escape room-like area. Some puzzles allow you to progress through the game, while others are useful in the card game.

A navigable encounter map helps the deck builder base work like a dream, complete with random cards and special disposables. Risk, sacrifice, RNG, meaningful choices, challenging bosses; all add up to a satisfying and limited foundation for the game.

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Apart from straight battles, encounters on the map offer a variety of options: from different ways of acquiring interesting cards to strengthen your deck, to raising a card that risks losing it entirely, to receiving a totem piece, to a transformation system that allows one card’s special ability to be transferred to another, and much more.

You can also obtain environmental items that can be used for extra help during battle. Also, the fangs you get for being ruthless and inflicting more damage than necessary in a battle can then be exchanged for hides with a hunter, which can then be exchanged for powerful cards with a merchant.

Inscryption graphics

Whatever the background, Inscryption’s card challenge stream easily sets it apart from many recent PC deck builders and helps bolster the weirdest parts of the experience. Infrequent combat makes small card picks feel much more effective.

Inscryption’s graphic presentation pursues a certain precision and hits the mark, and the echoes of the characters, phrases, iconography, clues, and circumstances in each episode collect a horror that feeds its “true” core story. The atmospheric OST greatly boosts the mood, and its aesthetic feels consistent and well-written throughout.

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The balance and feel of the game is incredibly well done and adds a sense of anxiety to every encounter. Inscryption is a game unlike any other. With its incredible atmosphere and simple yet engaging gameplay, it transports the player to a completely different, yet strangely interactive world.

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