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Instagram AR Filters Feature! Just Started Trying

Instagram AR Filters Feature

Recently, information about Instagram’s AR filters has not been on the agenda. the past day Instagram AR filters It is clear that he is testing a new feature for

An interesting sharing was made on Twitter from mobile application developers. It turns out that Instagram is working on a feature. interactive augmented reality It was understood that it is likely to bring some collaboration tools for its effects. Some screenshots were included in Twitter shares on the subject.

Instagram AR filters seem to become ‘interactive’

Instagram a while ago, Polaroid AR Effect, AR lens, Luke Hard’s Delorean AR experience, Notre-Dame AR effect, GTA III AR experience, AR Game Angel Wings It offered different filters such as

Instagram introduced Augmented Reality tools. Work was already in place to provide a better user experience for augmented reality. But still, while technology giants develop AR glasses and other devices, Instagram continues to develop tools compatible with them at full speed.

Interactive for users AR experience It plans to introduce new feature to bring collaboration controls for According to the screenshots Paluzzi posted, this is a new AR effect option aims to provide extra services to users.

This new feature will increase user interaction. It can increase the functionality of Instagram. We will be able to get better information when official information about this feature is shared.

What do you think about this subject? You can comment on your ideas about the feature being worked on at the bottom.

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