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Instagram Came with New News for Kids!

The popular social media application Instagram announced in the past months that it is working on the Instagram Kids application for children. However, bad news came from the company. The release date of the application in question has been postponed. Instagram Came with New News for Kids!

Instagram Came with New News for Kids!

The popular platform Instagram is a platform to be developed specifically for children. Instagram Kids The information about the future with the application was leaked. In addition, after this leaked information, the company confirmed the information. However, the platform made a statement yesterday and refused to develop the application. for now He said they gave up. The application, called Instagram Kids, aims to protect children from harmful content of social media. The application in question targets audiences aged 13 and under. However, according to a new information from the company, the release date of the application has been delayed.

Company CEO Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s via the official blog made a statement. In its description, Instagram Kids states that the implementation of the project is a move that needs to be made, but that they have suspended the project for the time being. He also says that making this decision is quite difficult for the company. In addition, he uses the words that they will be in contact with parents and experts in the new period.

Mosseri states that their first goal after the suspension of the application is that they want the platform to be safer for children. In addition, in the initial phase of the project, the objectives A special application for the audience between the ages of 10-12 informs that it is improving. In addition, he states that there is no solution for them to suspend the project.

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