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Instagram, one of the popular social media platforms, user experience continues to work in order to take it to the highest level. A new step is being taken after the use of Instagram from desktop computers has increased as much as mobile devices. Instagram desktop design is renewed.

Instagram Desktop Design is Renewed!

The Stories feature, which makes it difficult for users to use on the desktop part of the popular platform Instagram, will become more stylish and useful thanks to the new design. The new design, which is known to be in the testing phase for now, will not cover the entire page, unlike the old design. With the new model design, the navigation on the stories remains the same. Stories can be played manually or automatically.

The people who tested the design in question and whether this change will be permanent remains unknown for now. According to the recently leaked information, a group has confirmed this test. But he did not comment on whether it will be made available to the general public. You will be able to access the news via our website if an explanation is made on this subject.

Although the ‘Stories’ feature, which has been seen as cumbersome by users for the desktop version, is not suitable for large screens, the new upcoming design update will be an important development for those who spend time in the desktop version. With this development, it is aimed to increase the user experience and spread the desktop usage.

InstagramWhat do you think about this feature designed for the desktop version of ? Do you use Instagram on computer? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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