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Instagram Messages Feature Has Begun to Get Attention

Instagram and Messenger gain a different dimension after the integration between them. Facebook, to the Messenger app In addition, we will release an update where we can manage messages via Instagram. Instagram posts feature The announcement was made a short time ago. Facebook preferred by businesses more Messenger APIIt aims to make it available on Instagram as well.

Instagram messages feature coming

While Facebook offers new features to business accounts through Instagram, it now focuses on the messages section. Business accounts that were found as Instagram users could only reply to incoming messages via Instagram.

After that, it means businesses can now integrate their Instagram messaging and Facebook chats into the apps and workflows they already use internally to manage.

Most notably, this new application, which can use photos, URL links and more, will allow businesses to instantly respond to frequently asked questions on Instagram. It also offers new features that will offer to connect customers to live support if needed.

This feature, called Messenger API support for Instagram, is currently in beta. In addition to providing quality, personalized messaging experiences on Instagram, it aims to advance business efficiency.

This new feature is currently being tested on some businesses. Among these businesses, we see; Popular brands like Adidas, H&M, Sephora, Amaro, Nars, Michael Kors and Glossier are coming out. The end date of the trial period and when it will be available for all businesses remains unclear for now.

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