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Instagram Monetization Method! A New One Has Been Added

Instagram monetization method announced that a new one will be added. Instagram continues to progress with live broadcasts and also with ads on IGTV. in question Instagram monetization One of the goals of the new way is for users to communicate more closely with their followers.

Instagram monetization method is coming

Instagram monetization method

While Instagram has tested the new IGTV badges on selected people in the past months, it is now bringing this feature to a new audience. The badges brought to Instagram influencers offer a fun and new way for their fans to show their support. The new button appears as buy. During the Instagram live broadcast, the user also offers a special heart button that can be used instead of the normal heart button. The feature has already started to attract attention.

While the use of these badges will be allowed on more accounts with each passing day, it was first observed on accounts with high followers such as Ronne Brown and Youngezee. Instagramincreased during the coronavirus To Instagram Live broadcasts In return, it has rolled up its sleeves for innovations. So much so that during the coronavirus period, participation in live broadcasts increased by 70 percent, and this place has turned into an advertising and monetization area.

New to Instagram soon earning money By adding features, it actually wants creators with high followers to spend more time on Instagram.

What do you think about this newly introduced badges feature? You can share your thoughts about the situation in question by commenting below.

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