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Instagram Parental Controls Feature Coming!

The popular social media platform Instagram is here with its long-awaited feature. According to the information received, the Instagram parental controls feature is coming.

Instagram Parental Controls Feature Coming!

With millions of users, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. Although the majority of these users are adults, there are also child users. However, this situation causes Instagram, which has a large number of active users, to not be a safe place.

Considering the child users, Instagram has deleted the authorization feature for parental control. Instagram Manager Adam Mosseri made a statement from his blog today. In the aforementioned statement, it announced that it has introduced Parental Controls. This feature is currently only USA is offered for. However, it will come to other countries in the coming months.

Social media giant Instagram; “Parents know what’s best for their kids,” he said. Based on this word, he announced that he first established a Family Center. Later, he stated that he did research with parents and children in this center. He also said that they prepared articles and videos with experts. He stated that by accessing these resources, it will be possible for parents to control the accounts of young people within Meta technology.

Accounts that will use Instagram Parental Controls will be able to use the following features:

  • See how much time kids spend on Instagram and set a time limit.
  • See the accounts they report and receive notifications from them.
  • View which accounts children follow and updates about the accounts they follow.

So what do you think about this feature? Also, are you using the Instagram platform? In addition, you can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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