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Instagram Reals Ad Feature! New Step Taken

One of the popular social media platforms in our country, Instagram is expanding its advertising feature. It plans to make these ads available to Reels as well. In addition, the company has started work to put ads between the stickers. Instagram Reals Ad Feature! New Step Taken

Instagram Reals Ad Feature! New Step Taken

Instagram adds ads to Reels, which has become popular today. Making a statement about the event in question, the company is considering testing the feature in Germany, Australia, Brazil and India first. In addition, this feature has recently become active all over the world.

Ads added to Reels, which is under testing, are planned to be 30 seconds long. In addition, due to the differentiation of the screen size, there is a situation where the ads can resemble stories. In addition, users will be able to comment, like, save and share these ads.

Reels ads, which are the subject of our news, are not much of a surprise. As a result, the company derives its income from advertisements. In addition to all these, this step taken by Instagram is also possible to remove users from the application. Adam Mossery, head of Instagram, has expressed his dissatisfaction with this feature in recent months.

Facebook has also taken a step on the same issue. It is possible to start testing for similar ads. Obviously, there is a lot of curiosity about how users will react about this situation, but the reactions about it have not yet come.

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