iPhone 6 IMEI Change Code

Replica i.e. made in Korea or China iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus your phone change imei number For this, write the code below in the search section of the phone.


After typing the imei change code above, the phone Engineer Mode You will enter the section. located here GPRS Delete the imei number in the section and write the 15-digit imei number you have. Write IMEI Press the button and then exit Engineer Mode. Turn your phone off and on, and now your new imei number will be used on your phone.

If you cannot login in Engineer mode with the imei change code above, you can download it from Google Play. MTK Engineer Mode Download the app. With the MTK Engineer Mode application, you can change your imei number without writing code.

MTK Engineer Mode Detailed information about using the application HERE You can access our article.

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