Is Facebook Listening to You?

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In this article Facebook is he listening to you We will share detailed information about the subject that can give you an idea about the subject.

A Facebook If you are a user, Facebook You may have seen or heard rumors and theories that the (mobile) app is eavesdropping on you via your phone’s microphone and filters and analyzes your conversations to show you the ads that best suit your trends, orientations and preferences. Facebook denies this claim, and there is essentially no concrete evidence to confirm it. However, if you still have concerns, Facebook You can change your phone’s settings to disable the application’s access to the microphone.

What Does Facebook Say About The Claim That It Is Listening To Its Users?

Facebookhas made it clear that it doesn’t use the microphone on your phone to listen to your conversations or show ads that match your preferences. 2016‘in FacebookAs conspiracy theories about using devices’ microphones and eavesdropping on users started gaining momentum, he said:

Facebookto show ads that match your orientations, or Timelinein your (News Feed) it doesn’t use your phone’s microphone to change and update posts to view. Some recent articles and news, Facebook He stated that it is only possible to show ads suitable for the tendencies and orientations of its users by listening to people’s conversations. This is not true! We show ads based on people’s interests and other profile information, not on the things you talk about on a daily basis.”

Facebook also, Facebook (mobile) application’s microphone only if you have given permission to the application to use the microphone; and if you are using a function that requires using the microphone, such as recording audio or video, he explained that he does. Facebookcurrently implemented by users monitoring and tracking policiesof; in such a way that the ads shown to users reach high rates; This is strongly believed to be the reason why it seems tailored to their interests.

Is Facebook Listening to You?

Using your phone’s microphone without permission; Facebooku, Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) by; would expose him to significant legal liability and disciplinary action; FacebookIt is reasonable to conclude that .

11858 technical support

However, FacebookIf you are still not convinced despite these statements of . and about listening to your microphone FacebookIf you do not trust ; you can take an extra precaution and FacebookYou can disable access to your microphone. When you do this, no features that require access to the microphone; (Facebook Live and FacebookNote that it will not work (such as making an audio – video call in ).

Disable Facebook App Access to Microphone on iPhone

  • on your phone Settings open the app and list of apps installed on the phonewhat go
  • From the application list FacebookFind and select .
  • Microphone (Microphone) next to switch button Swipe left to turn off the microphone.

Disable Microphone Access for Facebook App on Android

  • on your phone Settings open the app; and in the search box at the top of the app permission type and search.
  • in search results Permission manager Tap .
  • In the list on the screen Microphone (Microphone) Tap .

  • In the window that opens Facebook Tap and then microphone access option Deny (Deny) set as .
11858 technical support

To get support on the subject 11858You can call .

You can call 11858 to get support on the subject.


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