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Is Spotify Access Barrier Coming? RTÜK Warned!

RTÜK received a warning that if Spotify does not apply for a license within 3 days, access to its broadcasts may be blocked. Social media agitated over this shocking warning. Spotify Access Block The question of whether it is coming has been asked a lot.

Is Spotify Access Barrier Coming?

There are those who do not start the license application processes as much as the social media companies. Spotify, which is the leader of the music market with up to 140 million paid subscribers worldwide, did not meet instantly in any initiative as it did not receive a license.

In the statement made by RTÜK, as a result of the investigations of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department; Spotify’s “” address carries out on-demand broadcasting activities on the internet. He determined that Share FM broadcasts radio from “” and Medyaport TV broadcasts unlicensed television from “”.

After the examinations, RTÜK made a warning announcement in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6112 on the Establishment and Broadcasting Services of Radio and Televisions and the Regulation on the Presentation of Radio, Television and On-Demand Broadcasts on the Internet, broadcasting services without obtaining a broadcast license from the Internet.

If the license is not obtained, access will be blocked.

In the announcement, the Supreme Council requests that they pay the additional 3-month broadcast license fee in advance within the stipulated period. However, he stated that if the process of issuing a broadcasting license on the internet could not be completed, the relevant publishers would be able to offer broadcasting services for another 3 months.

Those who do not apply for a license after the announcement must stop broadcasting within 72 hours.

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