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Is Spotify Staying in Turkey? Decision Announced

Recently, RTÜK announced that it gives time to organizations that do not have representation in Turkey. The authorities of Sweden-based Spotify, a popular music and podcast listening platform among these organizations, were contacted in Stockholm. Is Spotify Staying in Turkey?? The question was asked frequently. Providing feedback to RTÜK officials, Spotify announced that they made a positive decision.

It will open a representative office on Spotify, like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Spotify Stays in Turkey: Representation opens!

Spotify Stays in Turkey

Uncertain whether it will stay in Turkey or not, Spotify gave a positive response after the 72-hour period given by RTÜK. Considered in this context Spotify opens a representative office in Turkey. According to the information received, Spotify announced its positive decision before the 72-hour period expired.

As you know, RTÜK has given a period of time for organizations that are on the Internet but do not have a broadcasting license. RTÜK, which made an agreement with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, did not receive any response from the Spotify company. The popular service, which has decided to obtain its license to continue its broadcasts, will open a representative office in Turkey.

In other words, Spotify is not withdrawing from Turkey, as it is said, on the contrary, it agrees to open a representative office in order to stay in the market. After a long wait, we can say that this news made many Spotify users happy. The hearts of those who have memberships and use them constantly, so to speak, were sprinkled with water.

What do you think about Spotify’s acceptance of opening a representative office in Turkey and its step towards maintaining its position in the market? You can share your ideas with us by commenting below.

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