LG G4 Screen Capture

Take screenshot of LG G4 There are 2 different methods for Earlier LG G3 or LG G2 users will be able to predict these methods.

To take a screenshot in the 1st method, click on the back of the LG G4. Volume Down Button + Power Button Press and hold for 1 second at the same time. The phone takes a screenshot and to the gallery is recording.

Another method to take screenshot of LG G4 is QMemo+ to use the application. We come to the screen where we want to take a screenshot, open the top menu of the phone and select QMemo in the upper left corner. 3 dot shaped options tab Share select the option Pictures (Photos) If we select it, our screenshot will be saved. featured on LG G4 QMemo+ We can write texts on our screen image and save it as well.


The screen shots we took with the LG G4 can be viewed on the phone’s internal memory. Pictures>Screenshot can be found in the folder.

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