LG V10 Screen Capture

Take a screenshot of LG V10 The process is done in the same way as the LG G4. Power button and volume down and power buttons on LG V10 because it’s on the back of the phone Many android users may have a hard time taking screenshots.

You can use the Capture+ button as well as a combination of buttons to take a screenshot with the LG V10. As we are used to on other android phones, the LG V10 is located on the back cover of the phone to take a screenshot. Power Button and Volume Down Press the button at the same time and wait 1-2 seconds. A shutter sound will be heard from the phone and a screenshot will be taken.


LG V10One of the new features with Capture+ is the application. Capture+ (Screenshot capture) shortcut to the main menu of the phone. So you can simply take a screenshot from the main menu. You can find the Capture+ feature from the Quick Menu on the top of the phone. Setting > Display > Home Touch Buttons You can access it from the menu and add it by dragging it to the home screen.


Screenshots you took with the LG V10 Gallery you can access from the app.

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