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Linkedln Made a Design Change! Facebook Style

Linkedln design change with its users. Popular The application has been on the agenda for a long time with its new features. While the platform, which focuses on messaging and wants to encourage business-oriented official conversations, has completed its operations on this subject, it has now gone to design innovation.

This new and stylish design, which was presented to users in its web and mobile versions, attracted attention with its similarity to Facebook. Because, for many years, its priority is business-oriented and it enables people to find new jobs. linkedln The move to change the design was interpreted as a new and different strategy.

Linkedln design change

In general, when the designs of popular and familiar platforms change, they may be more functional, but they may not be liked because there is a habit. There were also such examples on different popular sites. in question Comments on the LinkedIn interface It hasn’t been done yet, but its general appearance looks like a social media platform.

Escaping from networks like Facebook linkedln Although it is an interface that can be criticized by those who take refuge in platforms such as, the renewed design looks more functional. Those who do not see the renewed interface can reach the LinkedIn site by clicking here.

As far as the platform, which was previously on the agenda with the “scroll up” feature, appeared, the up-scrolling feature was being tested. Newly, its design has changed and it has become more aesthetic.

What do you think about the design change in question? You can share your thoughts about the difference in LinkedIn design by commenting below.

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