Lost signal problem on xbox series xs

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How to fix lost signal or connection on Xbox Series XS?

Microsoft has announced potential issues with the Xbox Series X|S even before the official launch.

Probably detected during testing, some bugs don’t really have a solution for now.

Waiting for the Xbox Series X launch?

Two new generation Microsoft game consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been expected for a long time. Now that they’re fresh out of the box, they sound buggy.

Microsoft warned about issues a few days ago that could disrupt the gaming experience of several users. Fortunately, they also offer reliable fixes.

If you are connecting the console to a 4K/120hz smart TV or using the EA Play/BBC iPlayer app or trying DVD/Blue-ray to the console, refer to this troubleshooting advice first.

How do I fix Xbox console general problems?

  1. Signal loss on TV with 4K 120Hz + VRR

According to Microsoft, 4K 120Hz TVs that also support VRR may experience signal errors or distorted images when the Xbox is configured for 4K120+VRR. The problem occurs on LG, Samsung or Vizio TVs, but not exclusively.

Solution :

Make sure your TV has the latest firmware installed. Also, check that your TV is connected to the Internet and Automatic Updates are enabled.

Try resolution variations with/without VRR:

Go to Setting > General > TV & display options > Video Modes and check the box for Allow variable refresh rate.

11858 technical support

Change the resolution and refresh rate in TV & Picture options > Picture.

Try 1080p/120hz + VRR or 1440p/120hz + VRR.

If the distorted image persists, completely disable VRR on the TV.

Additionally, you can perform a video mode reset and reset your resolution as shown in this troubleshooting article.

  1. EA Play or BBC iPlayer app won’t open/load

Unfortunately there is no fix if EA Play or BBC iPlayer app won’t start or load on your new console. It seems it’s a matter of compatibility.

However, Microsoft is working with implementation partners for a quick solution.

Want to play all the games included in your EA Play subscription? No problem; access them from My Games & Apps > Full Library > EA Play.

  1. Dark HDR captures

Another known issue is that HDR captures appear too dark on both consoles.

Once again, there is no suggested workaround yet, only a promise for a future fix.

  1. Black screen when inserting DVD/Blue-ray

This is actually a recurring problem on Xbox consoles: the screen goes black after inserting a DVD or Blue-ray disc.


Remove the disc from the console, restart your Xbox Series X|S, and then reinsert the disc. The problem should be fixed.

  1. Pixelated frames in the PeacockTV app

Finally, users may occasionally see pixelated frames when using the PeacockTV app on their console.

This is another unresolved issue that Microsoft experts are still trying to fix in a future update.

As you can see, some of the problems are acknowledged by Microsoft, but there is no workaround yet. It could only mean that the manufacturer will release patches very soon with one of the upcoming updates.

11858 technical support

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