Main Natural Drinking Water Resources of Our Country

Water is the most important element for human life after oxygen. We can live for weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

Recommended to be consumed regularly and abundantly for a quality life, water is a miracle drink with countless benefits.

Drinking water, which has been the subject of intense debate for a while, is obtained from many different sources in our country.

We have researched the sources of drinking water production in Turkey in detail for you. Here are the main natural drinking water resources of our country:

Sakarya – Dogancay

Natural mineral water extracted from Doğançay Village of Sakarya’s Geyve District is among the healthiest drinking waters. With its unspoiled natural texture and magnificent waterfall, the Keremali Mountains of Doğançay Village, which are also frequented by mountain hiking and camping enthusiasts, are one of Turkey’s sources of healthy drinking water.

Bolu – Taşkesti

The reason why the town, located on the historical Silk Road, is called Taşkesti, is that the Mudurnu Stream, a branch of the Sakarya River, passes through this town. The stones on this creek were cut in time and the transition to the creek was given. The natural mineral water from here is protected and bottled at the nearby facility.

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Nigde – Ciftehan

Çiftehan, a town in the Ulukışla district of Niğde, has been a residential area since ancient times due to its hot springs. Located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, this town is also home to spring waters. Another healthy drinking water of Turkey is obtained from the sources here.

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Located between the Bolu Mountains, this spring rises from an altitude of approximately 1300 meters. For this reason, uninterrupted water production can be made from this source, whose flow rate is above the standards throughout all four seasons. This natural spring water, which is extracted from the vicinity of Abant Lake, which is also famous for its natural beauty, is the source of the water brands we consume.

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Eskisehir – Turkmen Mountain

Turkmen Mountain, located in the southwest of Eskişehir, is 1826 meters high. This mountain, mostly surrounded by pine forests, offers a natural source of healthy drinking water.

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Aydin – Nazilli

The natural spring water obtained from the high altitude mountains of Nazilli district such as Çamlık Mountain, Karncalı Mountain and Madran Mountain is used in the production of clean drinking water in our country.


Kocaeli – Golcuk

There are natural spring waters in Gölcük, one of the unknown values ​​of Kocaeli. These resources are used for healthy drinking water produced in Turkey.


Sakarya – Sapanca

The natural spring waters that come from the high mountains around Sapanca Lake and feed Sapanca Lake are used in the production of drinking water in Turkey. Sapanca is one of the regions with the largest natural spring water reserves in Turkey. This region, which is under snow for 5-6 months of the year and does not have the risk of being affected by the human factor, also has a strategic importance as it is the closest to two big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

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