Meizu Screen Capture (All Models)

In this article, we will explain how to take a Meizu screenshot. As with other android phones, the process of taking screenshots with Meizu smartphones is very easy and similar. You can use the screenshot method we will explain here on all Meizu models such as Meizu Pro 7, Meizu E2, Meizu M5, Meizu U10, Meizu U20, Meizu M6, Meizu E3, Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Plus, Meizu 15 Lite, Meizu M8c.

Taking screenshots with Meizu phones is as practical and simple as any other android phone. To take screenshots with Meizu brand phones Volume Down Key and Power Key Press and hold for 1-2 seconds at the same time. A shutter sound will be heard from the phone and a screenshot will be taken.

When you take screenshots with your Meizu phone, they are saved on the phone. You can view, edit or share the screenshots you have taken from the Gallery application.

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