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Meta and Snapchat Sued!

Popular social media companies are facing an unpleasant situation. Meta and Snapchat Sued for Helping 11-Year-Old Girl Suicide!

Meta and Snapchat Sued!

Social media platforms have been an indispensable stop since the internet came into our lives. Almost everyone who uses the internet at home uses these platforms. However, although some shares seem innocent, they can have a serious impact on users.

Researches reveal that especially young people and children are affected by social media a lot. Even suicides can happen. There is a new development on the subject. A mother committed her 11-year-old daughter to suicide. of meta and your snap He sued because he thought he had contributed. According to the news of Engagdet, two big social media giants Thursday litigation is underway. The lawsuit in question is pending in the Northern District of California District Court in San Francisco. In the case, the companies deliberately addictively They are said to be designed. It is also alleged that they have invested billions of dollars in promoting problematic uses.

The person who filed the lawsuit in question is a mother. Mother in suicide of 11-year-old daughter Meta and snaps indicate that its practices are effective. Social media applications of Selena Rodriguez, who committed suicide on July 21, 2021 to use addictedIt is said that he committed suicide because of it. Additionally, this contribution is noted due to prolonged exposure to shared addictive ingredients.

Snapchat’s statement uses the following sentences: We are working with many mental health organizations as part of our ongoing work to keep our community safe.” Additionally, a Snapchat spokesperson says they are very sorry. However, there is no explanation from Meta for now.

So what do you think about this issue? Also, do you use social media platforms? You can share your thoughts with us and other readers by commenting below.

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