Microsoft Surface Earbuds vs Apple AirPods: Which is better?

Not too long-ago Microsoft announced the Surface Earbuds, the first truly wireless earbuds the company has ever created. They are very similar in some ways to many wireless earbuds on the market today, but in its own way, the product is also very unique. The big question, however, is how the Microsoft Surface Earbuds compare to the Apple AirPods, the very device that started this trend. As expected, then, the AirPods is the leader in this space due to its popularity.

It’s difficult to decipher if Microsoft stands a chance in competing in this space, but one thing is for certain, the Surface Earbuds should be viewed as another technological marvel from Microsoft. But that doesn’t mean success is a sure thing because in many cases, the best technology doesn’t matter. Now, let’s take a look at what are the main differences between the Surface Earbuds and the Apple AirPods.

Surface Earbuds vs Apple AirPods

Surface Earbuds or Apple AirPods – which one do you think is better? We can probably help with your decision.

1] Design

By now, everyone should have an idea of what to expect where the Apple AirPods are concerned in terms of design. The device goes right into ear, but then it was packed with a protruding mic on each Earbuds. It’s an unusual design, but it worked because people love the thing, and several manufacturers copied it.

As for the Surface Earbuds, there are no protruding mics, but it does come off as very bulky from what we can tell. That’s probably due to all the touch functions Microsoft added, so they decided to make the outside flat and broad for a simple touch.

2] Features and all the cool stuff

Making calls and listening to music are just basics when it comes down to these devices. You see, the Surface Earbuds has a touch-sensitive surface at the top that is larger than every other similar product on the market today.

Folks can use the device as a PowerPoint presentation remote, and also to provide voice dictation for Microsoft Word instead of typing. Not only that, but the device can also translate speaking-language and place it onscreen for all to see.

These are things the Apple AirPods are not able to accomplish at this time, but we expect the company to improve on their product in the years to come. Still, the AirPods can pair easily with an iPhone, or any supporting iDevice out there. We are not sure if the Surface Earbuds can do the same at this time.

3] Battery Life

The impressive Apple AirPods are capable of running up to five hours on a single charge, and around 24 hours when the charging case is in place. Now, as for the Microsoft Surface Earbuds, this thing can go up to eight hours on a single charge, and 24 hours with the charging case.

Where the Surface is concerned, it’s all based on the words of Microsoft; therefore, we will have to wait for official reviews to decide what is what.

4] Price

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds, on the other hand, will cost a whopping $249, and that’s a lot if you’re just looking to make calls and listen to music.

All said the AirPods look like a better deal. For business users who make use of Office 365 on a regular basis, then the Surface Earbuds seem to be the better bet over the AirPods. As for which one of the two is the best, well, that is subjective. Therefore, we will leave the decision making to you guys.

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