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New Feature Tip Box Coming to TikTok!

The popular social media application TikTok is preparing to come to its users with a new feature. The platform has now developed a new feature to make it easier for content producers to monetize their videos. New Feature Tip Box Coming to TikTok!

New Feature Tip Box Coming to TikTok!

TikTok, one of the most used social media applications, continues to support content producers. With its new announcement, the platform announced that it is working on a feature called the Tip Box. As you know, this feature Twitch It has been on the platform for a long time. Moreover twitter and YouTube platforms such as these have adapted this feature to themselves. Now, TikTok is among these platforms. However, the new feature in question is not active for all users for now. In the coming days, it will come to all users with the beta and then the general version.

Manufacturers who want to use the new feature in question must at least 100 thousand They must have followers. In addition, there are conditions to comply with the rules of the platform, not to be subject to age restrictions, and to be an exemplary publisher with good behavior. Content producers who meet all these conditions can apply through the application. He also has 1.3 million followers. TikTok publisher jera.beanshared the moment he discovered this feature and applied on the platform with his followers.

For now, manufacturers using the feature, which is still in the testing process, will be able to receive all the tips uninterrupted until the general version is released. However, there was no information about the exact release date of this new feature by the company. In addition, it is known that the development process will gain a great speed after gaining the appreciation of the users.

So what do you think about this new feature? Also, are you using the TikTok platform? You can express your thoughts by commenting below.

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