NVIDIA Graphics driver automatically uninstalls after reboot on Windows 11/10

Some PC users are reporting an issue whereby the NVIDIA graphics driver automatically uninstalls after rebooting their Windows 10 device. If you’re affected by a similar issue, you can try the solutions provided in this post to successfully resolve the issue. When you encounter this issue, you might also notice that the NVIDIA Control Panel is missing.

NVIDIA Graphics driver automatically uninstalls after reboot

If the NVIDIA graphics driver automatically uninstalls after reboot on your Windows 11/10 device, follow our instructions below carefully to resolve the issue.

First, download the NVIDIA graphics driver to your desktop from the NVIDIA website.

Next, temporarily disable your internet. You can easily do this by turning on Airplane/Flight Mode on your Windows 10 device. The reason why you have to disable the internet is because the minute you uninstall your old NVIDIA driver, Windows will automatically install it again and we need to prevent that from happening as you want a clean installation of the newest graphics driver.

Now, uninstall the graphics driver via Device Manager or better still use the Display Driver Uninstaller.

Now, open Control Panel > Programs and Features.

Uninstall every entry that has NVIDIA mentioned in the name.

Exit Control Panel when done.

Next, open Task Manager and make sure no NVIDIA processes are running.

After killing all NVIDIA running processes (if any) in Task Manager, restart your computer.

On boot, locate the new driver that you downloaded earlier.

Run the driver installer and choose Custom Install.

Select GPU Driver, PhysX and GeForce Experience.

Select Clean Install at the bottom of the wizard.

If you receive any prompt, just click skip or ignore and run the installation.

Once the driver installation completes successfully, turn off Flight mode and restart your computer. The computer should boot and the graphics driver won’t be uninstalled.

To check if you have the correct graphics driver version, right-click on the desktop and click NVIDIA Control Panel the driver version will be listed.

That’s it!

Use this routine every time you update your GPU driver and experience the uninstall after Windows 10 reboots.

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