Pokemon GO Revenue Exceeds $4 Billion

Contrary to all expectations, Pokemon Go is going strong and has generated over $1 billion in revenue this year. The augmented reality game that encourages people to wander the streets in hopes of catching a Pokemon seems unaffected by COVID-19. It may seem that the situation will prevent people from playing the game, but statistics show otherwise.

Pokemon GO Revenue Exceeds $4 Billion

Market information company Sensor Tower has released a report showing that Niantic’s popular game has been on steady revenue growth since 2017. Despite the pandemic, Pokemon Go brought an 11% increase in revenue in 2020 compared to last year, with total revenue reaching $4 billion. The United States showed itself to be the most profitable market with $1.5 billion in revenue, followed by Japan with $1.3 billion and Germany in third place with “only” $238.6 million, or 5.7 percent.

When it comes to Android vs iOS, Google Play is the clear winner. The Android market brought in more revenue, with $2.2 billion versus $1.9 for the App Store. At this point, it should be noted that Niantic has introduced its new stay-at-home system that allows people to enjoy the game without messing around too much and thus stay safe. Over 100 million users in the US have downloaded Pokemon GO to their devices, and judging by the revenue figures, people are still playing hard.

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