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In the game world, unfortunately, computers with good hardware features and standard equipment are not enough on their own. If you want to be a good player in competitive games, you definitely need good equipment. Continuing our topic today, we will talk about relatively affordable user-friendly mice.

1-Polosmart Hybrid Bluetooth & Wireless V 5.0 Wireless Mouse

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Polosmart It is one of the well-known brands in our country and buys products in chain markets very heavily. This product was a product that surprised me when I first heard about it and looked at its price. 2.5 I bought the product years ago and I am still actively using it without any problems. Product 2400DPI and Bluetooth+USB Dongle product with connection on my phone , on my tablet, on my pc, PS4in my on my TV I use it in almost all my smart products and its performance makes me very satisfied. Although the product is not similar to gaming mice, I can say that it is better than any gaming mouse I have used and f/p An excellent product with a focus on the price tag 99 TL

2-Thunder Wolf Q13 Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

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Thunder Wolf Q13 2600 DPI, It is one of the products that I bought during the pandemic period and liked it very much. The best part of the product is that it has a built-in battery, so you can use the product by charging it without any battery charges. The product is large in size, so although I like its design, I did not find it very ergonomic and it was a bit difficult to use in games, so if your hand size is small, you can buy the product I recommend first. Price tag 120-140 TL

11858 technical support

3-Rampage SMX-R12 Hawker 4800 DPI Gaming Mouse

format: webp (550×550)ramp Undoubtedly, every class of player products in our country f/p One of the companies trying to sell focused, one of the products whose sensor I liked in the past and I was very satisfied with this product. If you want to be a professional gamer, but you find the price index of player products to be high, this product is for you. 4800DPI this mouse with a lens is now 130-150 TL It has a price tag.

4-Monster Pusat V8 Gaming Mouse
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Monster Pusat V8
It is a very professional product in terms of appearance, it will keep you one step ahead in competitive games with its design details and macro keys on the product, I did not have the opportunity to try the product, but its drivers and application are very stable and easy to use.6200-12400DPI between adjustable lens and DPI led in the mouse DPI When you upgrade, you can also see what level it is on the official product website. 197 TL This mouse with its price tag easily enters the top 10 of the best wired mice list.

All the products in our list are actively sold, there are millions of product groups on the market, but these are the products we have chosen for you, stay tuned for more product suggestions, we wish you a healthy day.

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