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Privacy Personalization Feature from WhatsApp!

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging application, attracts attention with its new features. In addition, it was possible to use WhatsApp from four different devices. Now, the app is making changes to its privacy settings. According to the work in progress, it will be possible to personalize who you want to show WhatsApp information to. Privacy Personalization Feature from WhatsApp!

Privacy Personalization Feature from WhatsApp!

According to the leak in the past days, it is in beta phase development. My External Contacts feature is coming. After that, there will be options for Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. Like my close friends on Instagram, you can now choose who can see what on WhatsApp. This feature has already been positively received by many.

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application operating under the umbrella of Meta, has announced four new features that will be implemented for the web (desktop) version.

Here are the four new features that just arrived:

Photo Editor

With the new feature coming to the popular messaging application, it will be possible to edit photos when entering WhatsApp from the desktop. In other words, text can be pasted on the photo and the photo can be edited.

This feature was previously used in the mobile version. However, it was made available in the desktop version for the first time.

Sticker Suggestion

Another feature that came to the application was that users could receive sticker suggestions in accordance with the text of the conversation while messaging.

People will be able to write faster by choosing the recommended sticker during their conversations.

End-to-End Encryption to Web Version

Privacy Personalization Feature from WhatsApp

As you all know, WhatsApp mobile has an end-to-end encryption method. With the new feature, it has been announced that this security application will also be operational in desktop versions.

With this feature, WhatsApp will present the preview of the incoming link links in the desktop version to its users, allowing people to get information before clicking the link.

Offline Messaging Feature

However, users will now be able to send and receive messages without having to keep their phones online.

‘Delete For Everyone’ Will Be Unlimited

Along with the incoming updates, it is stated that the messaging application will soon make the ‘Delete for everyone’ feature unlimited for chats. Normally, when the feature was first introduced, the time to use the delete feature for everyone was limited to the first 7 minutes.

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